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The principles and case for Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) has long been established. Whichever technique is used in industry for the purpose of RCM, there is the risk that the condition of the machine or lubricant could become seriously contaminated or otherwise affected at a point just after or at least between sampling times. To reduce this problem a risk assessment programme is usually carried out to establish the ideal frequency of monitoring any given equipment. However, this ideal frequency of monitoring could prove difficult to justify both financially and practically in cases where safety of sampling is an issue or the equipment is in remote locations, such as grinding mill gear reducers, conveyor gear reducers, isolated pumping generator sets.

Historically the quarrying and mineral processing sector, would take a series of oil samples during the year on critical assets. The frequency for sampling would likely to be quarterly or half yearly. The frequency of sampling was dictated by financial and practical (labour) reasons. Unfortunately, these sample intervals were not ideal for the amount of critical assets located on these industrial sites.

Now by using the “Tan Delta” mobile oil test kit, it allows the client to take as many oil samples as he wants to a schedule that becomes quality driven and not cost driven. The client in question will now be sampling all his fixed critical assets (blowers, compressors, gearboxes, hydraulic systems, etc) as well as monitoring his large and expensive mobile plant on a schedule.

The “Tan Delta” mobile oil test kit utilises the revolutionary technology developed in the “Tan Delta” oil quality sensor. This unique sensor measures energy loss within the oil, by looking at the oil’s capacitance and inductance levels. When you couple this technology with a comprehensive oil database and a Windows base software package, suddenly you have a mobile oil test kit that enables you to take quick, simple and effective oil samples with immediate results that can be used to trend the overall oils condition.

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