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Automotive Vibration Analysis and Fan Balancing

During one of our monthly scheduled routine condition monitoring surveys at one of the UK’s largest automotive production plants, we identified that the critical oven extraction fan was showing classic signs of imbalance (overall velocity levels up to 43mm/s and the 1/rev balance component up to 29mm/s).

Given the severity of the fan velocity levels and the associated past problems with this fan, DMS were contracted to investigate and look to improve the balance of the fan and thereby reduce the velocity levels prior to a production commencing in the morning. Inspection of the fan indicated that the fan blades had a high debris build up.

A procedure for balancing the fan in situ was undertaken and the levels of velocity were reduced as detailed above. Whilst the overall velocity levels & in particular the 1/rev out of balance component velocity levels were significantly reduced.

On inspection of the fan during balancing, DMS noted that the cone gap was approx. 30mm, and in our opinion this is far too great a distance for this size of fan. Although, this increased fan will not stop the fan operating mechanically, it will greatly reduce the operating efficiency of the fan, as the air will be re- circulating within the fan body / casing.

Given the reductions in velocity detailed above during this procedure, the improved fan balance will help prolong the running life of this critical fan.

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