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Shredder drive arrangements are notoriously difficult to monitor periodically or continuously and their failure can cause the plant to come to a complete stand still while the offending shaft mounted gear reducer, AC motor and the large shredder support shaft bearings are repaired or replaced. After a number of serious failures occurred on both the plants four shredder drive arrangement systems, a major UK aggregates company decided that they needed to find a better solution and somehow implement a live condition based monitoring system. This was the challenge that they set DMS. On discussing the requirements with the maintenance manager, it was agreed that the following key components would need to be delivered if the solution was to be effective. Namely, continuous “24 hours a day” monitoring, multilevel, complex alarms to identify specific events, wireless communication, information delivered in real time and had to produce simple but effective information that could be interpreted easily.

In addition to all of these requirements the system also had to be affordable and not cost prohibitive. On reviewing the specific requirements outlined above, DMS recommended the implementation of their “MachineGuard” condition based monitoring system.

For this application, MachineGuard was installed to monitor the following three pieces of critical plant:

  • Shredder motor (monitoring the motor DE & NDE bearings).
  • Shredder shaft mounted gear reducers (monitoring in three plains, horizontal, vertical and axial).
  • The Shredder support shaft bearing pedestals (monitoring both bearings).

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