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The case for understanding asset health of your critical gear reducers & geared motors

In the steel and aluminium processing industries, maintenance cost accounts for 10-15% of production cost. Poor or lack of progressive maintenance can affect the overall efficiency, quality and most importantly the profitability of the plant.

It as long been accepted that the implementation of Condition Based Monitoring as part of a RCM program can appreciably reduce maintenance costs and can improve equipment reliability and product quality.

In a great number of metal producing mills throughout the world, failures of critical equipment frequently lead to loss of production, higher maintenance costs and an increase in operation costs. In today’s economic environment, the capital cost of large specialised modern machines is extremely high and it is inevitable that these assets will have to operate for prolonged periods.

This industry sector has been quick to acknowledge Whole-life cost, or Life-cycle cost (LCC), which refers to the total cost of ownership over the life of an asset. Typical areas of expenditure which are included in calculating the whole-life cost include, planning, design, construction and acquisition, operations, maintenance, renewal and rehabilitation, depreciation and cost of finance and replacement or disposal.

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