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Machine Sentry (Hand held Vibration & Inspection Data Recorder c/w web Management)

Machine Sentry – Hand Held Vibration Analysers

DMS can supply and support the Machine Sentry (Blue Tooth) vibration analyser.
The Machine Sentry is a cost effective and efficient condition based monitoring tool that uses a unique web based interface, enabling remote diagnostics support.
Machine Sentry’s Vibration Analysis hardware and software runs on off-the shelf PDA’s and via the internet; making it the most versatile and cost-effective solution on the market.
Vibration measurement and analysis is one of the most powerful tools in a well implemented condition monitoring program and use of hand held portable data-collectors / analysers is now common in the industrial marketplace.
Most mechanical faults with rotating equipment induce vibration, e.g. unbalance, misalignment, looseness caused by poor assembly or wear, deterioration of bearings, wear of gear teeth, etc. Vibration monitoring involves the periodic or continuous measurement of machine vibration, usually measured on bearing housings, critical asset casing or from switchbox control enclosures.
The Machine Sentry web based software comes with a simple to use interface, that allows you to analyse all the specific vibration details such as:-
• Alert traffic lights on trends, spectra, time trace signal, etc.
• Vibration monitoring: ISO overall vibration limits (ISO 10816 etc)
• Velocity spectra
• Displacement spectra
• Acceleration overall spectra
• Acceleration peak-to-peak spectra
• Raw wave form signal
• Trending information on all measurements
• Ability to access detail information such as crest factor, peaks, etc.
Currently the product uses BlueTooth accelerometers enabling data-logging to be simple & effective. The web based software allows you effectively manage your maintenance planning, locating oil sample results, thermal images and other process criteria in one database.

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