Engineering Reliability Specialists

Machine Health Inspections

Machine Health Inspections (MHI) can be undertaken by one of our senior engineers. Kevin & Allan have over eighty (80) years experience in gearbox and power transmission application engineering.

As part of our unique service offering, DMS are able to inspect equipment and in particular gear reducers and geared motors. Using our years of experience we provide clients a health check that consists of the following:-

  1. Visual inspection of the internal gears (a boroscope can be used when an inspection cover is not available)
  2. An application assessment undertaken on the drives in question, understanding the ratings of the selected units.
  3. Take an oil sample and assess the oil grade and specification.
  4. Take a series of vibration readings on various bearings / shafts.
  5. A complete report is then produced and issued to the client.

Regular maintenance machine health inspections of critical gear reducers / geared motors can assist prolong the life of these assets.

Our engineers will ensure the repair work is undertaken professionally and as quickly as possible, ensuring safety is never compromised.

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Market Sectors We Work In.

Our highly skilled engineers have amassed years of knowledge and experience working with major blue-chip organisations across a wide cross section of industry sectors. We work in partnership with our clients to deliver tailored solutions that meet the individual needs of the business, supporting them in achieving the common goals of improved performance and reduced cost.