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MachineGuard GPRS / 3G Wireless

The MachineGuard GPRS / 3G based system is capable of measuring multiple various and different measurements especially vibration, whether that be velocity (mm/s), acceleration (“g”) or peak-to-peak acceleration (“g”). Each channel is configured to measure the best signal for the application. The system can measure acceleration on bearings & motors, whilst measuring velocity on gear drives & fans, for example. The system will monitor and trend the overall level of vibration, be that velocity or acceleration. The system is installed with 4-20mA signal accelerometers.

This system enables us to have an early warning whilst enabling us to undertake full in depth vibration analysis, analysing:

  • Acceleration spectra
  • Velocity spectra
  • Displacement spectra
  • Raw waveform


Each system will comprise of the following components:

  1. Mild steel painted IP67 enclosures (various sizes)
  2. “MachineGuard II” S4 instruments c/w data only SIM card
  3. Power supply units
  4. ADAM signal converter units
  5. Signal conditioners input modules, buffered output c/w BNC bulkhead mounted socket & terminal D (Option no.1 only)
  6. Input modules for all channels
  7. Drawings & O & M manuals

The data is transmitted via the MachineGuard instrument, which has a mobile phone SIM card installed. The MachineGuard instrument has various inputs both analogue and digital, which enables us to connect various sensors to the system. The instrument transmits the data on a pre-scheduled time interval onto the mobile phone network, where the “cloud” software collects this data and applies this data to the web based software package.

The software package known as iMATS can then be viewed through any internet browser, with a secure login and password. This enables our clients to be able to view this data from any PC, tablet or mobile device.

The software then enables the clients and ourselves to view the overall up to date data in a Google maps screen, with live data being transmitted at regular intervals, with a simple colour coded warning / alarm system. Whilst we are both then able to view the historical trends in the Qlikview reporting suite. This suite enables the client to also print out word documents showing this data, while also exporting into exel should this be required.



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