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Tan Delta Oil Monitoring

The TanDelta Oil Condition Sensor uses the patented Tan Delta measurement technology to simultaneously measure the effects of all of the major damage and breakdown mechanisms within fluids such as lubricating oils, hydraulic and transmission oils.

The sensor measures the presence of polar or conductive contaminant molecules and the mobility of these and naturally occurring polarised molecules within the fluid. The Tan Delta technique, which utilises the measurement of two distinct parameters (the real and imaginary components of permittivity) within the dielectric constant of the fluid, permits a sensitivity to polarised molecules which is 60 times greater than traditional dielectric sensors and so enables realistic detection of early-stage damage to the fluid, not just the late indication of imminent failure associated with traditional dielectric measurements.

The detection of polar/conductive molecules allows it to reliably monitor oxidisation, acid build-up due to heating/oxidisation, contamination with water based fluids (e.g. glycols), soot particles and metallic wear particles. Secondly the sensitivity to the mobility of polarised molecules permits the measurement of changes in density and viscosity of the fluid, caused by chemical (e.g. acid) attack, mechanical wear and breakdown of the long chain molecules within the oil. Both types of damage can be monitored throughout the early stages of deterioration allowing timely planning of any intervention that may be needed.


The Tan Delta oil quality sensor and range of product is ideal for monitoring critical industrial equipment, such as gearboxes, engine generator sets, large mobile plant, crushers, large specialised moving equipment, military vehicles, etc.

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