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Contamination Monitoring Centre (Continuous Monitoring)

Contamination Monitoring Centre (CMC)
The CMC system combines technology to enable sampling on low pressure hydraulic and lubrication systems where aeration can be an issue. The CMC surpresses the air bubbles so they are no longer counted as particles.
The CMC can be installed in most low pressure hydraulic and lubrication systems ranging from zero bar pressure to a max of 50 bar (D version pump). A further option (B version pump) can be installed on systems with a max of 6 bar on inlet of CMC pump and a max of 3 bar on system return. These two options give the user the versatility to install the CMC in a variety of different system applications. Utilizing the best particle counter in its class as standard, the CMC delivers simplicity, practicality & accuracy for the most demanding of applications. Proven optical technology and algorithms, ensure consistent monitoring of your system, providing peace of mind for your operators/investors. Both variants of CMC come with a CMS complete with RS485/232 MODBUS & CANBUS (J1939 typical) proto¬cols for remote control. CMS Communication & Motor power needs to be completed by the customer during installation. The cable for motor power is not supplied.
The CMC is configured deliberately to provide customers the versatility they require for existing systems or those in development. The in-built motor/pump assembly and automatic particle monitor (CMS) can be wired to directly, allowing control through a wide range of com¬munication protocols and logic controllers. A small footprint make it the ideal solution for safe installation on new or retrofit applicati¬ons. A wide range of operating voltages allow us to support a global market, and emerging technologies.
Where can it be used?
• Wind/Tidal/Wave energy
• Gearbox applications
• Offshore & Ship systems
• Lubrication & Oil systems
• Mobile Equipment
• Test Benches


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