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COBOT Solutions & Installations

DMS are able to design, supply and install COBOTS for specific projects. "Collaborative robots are complex machines which work hand in hand with human beings. In a shared work process, they support and relieve the human operator.'' source: IFA.

In general terms they are a device to support and deliver simple mundane tasks, ensuring the human workforce can deliver value in their everyday efforts.

WMH Transmissions

DMS through our sister business WMH Transmissions (part of the Hayley 247 Engineering Services division) can supply the UR (Universal Robots) range of Collaborative Robots along with the associated Onrobot end of arm tooling and any required Cobotracks linear stages.

Cobot Wmh

Full Turnkey Project

DMS through their engineering expertise are able to look at a project requirement and deliver a full turn key project including fundamental design, manufacture, install and commission.

Our electromechanical knowledge enables us to plan and understand the requirements for positioning and integrating where necessary the COBOT controls.

Cobot Turnkey