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MachineGuard Fixed Systems

In today’s working environments throughout industry, there is a need to continuously monitor the health of critical assets and equipment. DMS have recognised this and have a range of fixed continuous monitoring products from our “MachineGuard” range.

Such systems and technology is much more accessible to businesses in terms of cost than ever before. Systems can be delivered as standalone, networked or web based, ensuring the client has total control and support.

Fixed Continuous Monitoring

Most systems have TFT touchscreens with an easy to navigate menu that enables users to set sampling periods, ranges and accuracy levels plus vibration threshold (alarm) levels on a channel-by-channel basis or across all channels. In addition, these systems have multiple digital I/O channels, enabling them to be integrated with other systems, such as SCADA, PLC’s, BEMS, etc.

Our customers have found their fixed systems to be a critical part of their plant. Systems are fitted with accelerometers to measure vibration and/or temperature of an asset, both vital parameters which are continuously monitored. When the accelerometers detect readings outside of the set limits, an alert is raised to allow the site Engineer to immediately attend the asset and assess the issue. Using these methods, issues can be detected much earlier than usual (ie when a bearing starts to make a noise) thus any remedial work required is much cheaper and can be planned in more conveniently.

Without a fixed system installed, a fault can go undetected for many weeks until eventually the asset can fail causing costly repairs, unplanned maintenance and a higher risk of worker injury. Our systems are designed to detect many potential catastrophes before they occur including seized gearboxes, conveyor fires and bearing failures.

DMS also offer optional service visits at recommended intervals throughout the year depending on the complexity of the system and the number of assets being monitored. A detailed report is issued after each visit to confirm that the system is in full working order.