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Routine Lubrication Services

Lubrication is a crucial element in the efficiency and life-expectancy of any rotating equipment; it reduces friction and allows moving machine parts to slide smoothly past each other. Lubrication is the LIFE BLOOD of the modern-day factory. DMS can provide a first-class lubrication management service, known as a “LubriCare”. This is a hydrocarbon management program for lubricating critical and defined equipment on a periodic basis.

This service is generally tailored to suit the specific requirements of your ‘plant’ and is developed and changed accordingly, dependent on our ongoing findings.  This type of support enables you to plan your maintenance windows of opportunity more effectively and hopefully assists you to progress from a time-based maintenance schedule to a condition-based maintenance schedule.

Hydrocarbon Management Program

This Hydrocarbon Management program should also be a working function of your maintenance strategy identifying “cost effective maintenance management” as one of the key objectives of this strategy.

All DMS Engineers are qualified to a minimum of MLA/MLT Level 1 as controlled by the ICML (International Council of Machinery Lubrication).

Management of Hydrocarbons is a core competence of maintenance and reliability. This type of program promotes real benefits by reducing the “Total Cost of Ownership” through utilising our services and best practices.

The proposed plan would deliver the following:-

  • Reduce lubricant usage through optimised change intervals (condition based maintenance) and the use of fit-for-purpose products from your / our suppliers
  • Lower lubricant costs by rationalising lubricant inventory & improving storage procedures
  • Increase productivity through fewer lubrication-related issues
  • Manage waste efficiently through effective avoidance, treatment and disposal
  • Ensure compliance in critical areas, such as lubricant management and COSHH

Our intention is always to work closely with our clients to assess how the relationship and program is progressing.

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Lubrication and Fluids Management Program

Lubricants and other process fluids can have a major impact across all parts of a manufacturing business, especially the bottom line; even though they rarely require significant expenditure.

DMS will ensure a best-of-breed Lubrication and Fluids Management program, by having our specialists working to an agreed schedule on your site to manage fluids from storage, treatment, application and disposal.


How We Deliver Value Through Our Fluid Solutions:

  • Reduced storage costs from Inventory rationalization (medium term)
  • Optimised lubrication regimes and reduced product usage
  • All lubricant related information and schedules are recorded in a specific database and can be related to any condition based monitoring database – one site for all related subjects
  • Reduced product wastage through spill and leak reduction
  • Extended component life
  • Installation & maintenance of fixed automatic lubricators and lubrication systems (if required)
  • Reduced machine / equipment downtime utilizing regular and appropriate oil sampling
  • Reduced likelihood of product contamination
  • Greater utilisation of recycling facilities to reduce consumption
  • Reduced disposal costs by on-site treatment of waste process fluids
  • Secure product contamination control, avoidance & treatment
  • Compliance with environmental legislation
  • Best lubrication practice on various assets utilizing oil sample ports, sampling probes, pilot tubes, pilot tubes c/w level gauges, valve mounts, etc
Lubrication Services