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Paper Production

Paper is a thin sheet material produced by mechanically or chemically processing cellulose fibres derived from wood, rags, grasses or other vegetable sources in water, draining the water through fine mesh leaving the fibre evenly distributed on the surface, followed by pressing and drying.

Paper Making Machines

The paper production sector is diverse, covering various papers, from newspaper, tissue, magazine gloss paper, card to specialist medical paper.

Paper machines are complex machines generally rotating at high speeds with a number of different components operating at the same time in unison, making it an extremely difficult machine to monitor.

The key to being able to obtain good monitoring results, is having exact asset details and more importantly knowing the line speed, as this will change dependent on what product is being produced.

DMS have built up a wealth of experience monitoring these types of machines over the years:

Paper Cardboard

Paper Making Machine Types

DMS have built up a wealth of experience monitoring these types of machines over the years:

  • Vacuum pumps
  • Couch roll drive assemblies (covering motor, gearbox, bearings, etc)
  • MG Yankee Dryer assemblies (covering the motor, gearbox, barring drive, bearings, etc)
  • MG Press Rolls
  • Press Suction Rolls
  • Pre-Dryer cylinders
  • Baby Cylinder
  • Size Press Rolls
  • After Dryer Cylinders
  • Calendar Drives
  • Winder Drives
  • Production Fans
  • Felt Rolls
  • Pulpers / Mixers

Paper Mill Services

During our years of working with paper mills, we have provided a wide range of services including:

  • Vibration analysis / ultrasound regular routine surveys
  • Electrical control panel thermal imaging surveys
  • Gearbox inspections, removing inspections and using boroscopes
  • Root cause analysis reports
  • Installation of fixed monitoring systems on specific projects