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On-Site Balancing

Fan balancing can be undertaken by one of our service engineers or a partner company. Regular servicing & maintenance of fans can prolong the life and safe, efficient operation of the fan.

Our qualified site service engineers are also able to monitor and detect the onset of a possible problem, such as imbalance.

Routine Fan Services

All our fan balancing equipment is serviced and calibrated on an annual basis ensuring that we maintain the highest level of accuracy when carrying out our inspections.

Once an issue has been detected we can organise for a routine fan service visit, where the engineers can undertake the following services:-

  1. Impellor balancing using (CEMB Hoffman equipment)
  2. Impellor & fan cleaning
  3. Precision coupling alignment
  4. V-belt alignment
  5. Replacement of parts, such as bearings, v-belts, pulleys, motors, fasteners, etc.

Our engineers will ensure the repair work is undertaken professionally and as quickly as possible, ensuring safety is never compromised.

We have been involved in numerous projects overseeing fan overhauls on emergency breakdowns: -

  • Dust extraction fan in a quarry
  • Dryer combustion fan for a minerals processing company
  • Kiln dryer fans in a brickworks
  • Dust extraction fan in a wood working production facility.
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