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Gearbox Inspection

Built on, over 90 years’ experience in gearbox applications; DMS are one of the UK’s specialist service providers, when it comes to gearbox inspections.

The service we provide depends on the type and manufacture of gearbox and is also determined by the customers’ requirements.

Gearbox Inspection Types

On the larger type of industrial gearboxes, DMS use all forms of hand tools to remove inspection covers to undertake the visual inspection.

On smaller and more specialized gearboxes and gear reducers, DMS will use hi-tech boroscopes / video scopes to inspect these types of gearboxes.

The equipment used enables us to fine adjust the probe end as it is inserted through small orifices to identify all the internal components that require monitoring.

At the same time the camera captures both high quality and high-definition images and video footage.

From these inspections we can then produce a full written report identifying any issues on gears (damage, contact patterns) , cases, covers, bearings (were accessible), breathers, lubrication systems and any other aspect relating to the drive system.

It is also normal practice to take an oil sample during one of these inspections.

Part Finished Gearbox Sub Assembly
STD 14V Input Gears Entry Side 2