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Motion Amplification

DMS are able to provide a CBM support service using Motion Amplification equipment and software. Motion amplification is a video-processing method that detects subtle motion and amplifies that motion to a level visible to the naked eye.

The process decodes light to pull out information that is indicative of motion, even if that motion is too small for the camera to detect with normal methods.

Vibration Analysis Algorithms

When you utilize this method of video camera technology alongside other CBM techniques such as vibration analysis. When used in conjunction with our software, we are able to quickly process the data using algorithms to extract accurate data to assist in the analytics of the identified issue.

The software displays the movement as a visual function, enabling us to measure / quantify structural movement within an asset that the human eye cannot see. In rotating & reciprocating assets the subtle enhanced movement in the software enables us to have a good understanding of the all-round relationship between the individual component and the motion affecting these assets.

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