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Bearing & Gear Failure Reports

DMS are one of the UK’s leading gearing experts. This expertise has been further enhanced when purchased by Hayley 247 Engineering Services Ltd. Hayley 247 Engineering Services can boast one of largest and most comprehensive UK engineering repair centers with a well-equipped modern machine shop. This facility enables DMS to investigate thoroughly gear, bearing and shaft issues, when necessary.

This facility enables DMS to investigate thoroughly gear, bearing and shaft issues, when necessary.

On Site Gearbox Inspections

DMS specialize in on site gearbox inspections, which enables us to identify various potential failure modes in all types of gearing, such as;

  • Helical & spur gears
  • Double helical gears
  • Straight and spiral bevel gears
  • Hypoid gears
  • Wormgears
  • Planetary gears
  • Cyclo gears

DMS with assistance from our sister company within Hayley 247, Lamond & Murray Ltd., (100 year old gear manufacturing company) can identify specific issues relating to load, set up, alignment, lubrication issues and material failures to name but a few.

We are also able to improve the design of the gears in question, establishing a gear design, that is fit for purpose and cost effective. This is a specialised task and Lamond and Murray have invested in Dontyne systems Gear Production Suite (GPS) to allow us to offer a gear design service to our customers. GPS applies the ISO 6336 standard to rate spur and helical gears; it allows rapid comparison of different geometry and material configurations, helping the designer establish a suitable and cost effective solution.

When verifying a design both gears can be modelled running together, possible design problems can therefore be spotted and eliminated at an early stage. For example the gear designs shown below have identical numbers of teeth, pitch and centre distance, however, the corrected gears have superior gear geometry, will last longer and will be more cost effective to manufacture!

1st Failure Pinion Driving Flank 3 Turbine

Bearing Expertise

As you can imagine when investigating gear failures, it is only natural that we also come across bearing failures too! We have an excellent knowledge of bearing failures and when required we can also call on the wealth of bearing expertise within our sister company Hayley Group.

Over the years we have built up a reputation that is second to none when it comes to gear failure analysis and operational gearbox failures. This reputation has led to investigate various issues throughout the world on types of equipment, in all types of Industries, such as;

  • Power generation turbine gears in Asia
  • Quarry conveyor gearbox failures
  • Paper Mill Yankee Dryer Cylinder gearbox failures
  • Vibratory screen bearing failures
  • Rubber & Polymer mixer gearbox failures
  • Steel industry mill stand and crop shear gearboxes
  • Quarry conveyor split bearing failures

If the failure consultancy being undertaken requires in depth material analysis, DMS can call upon one of the UK’s leading material research institutes.

Bearing Gear Failure2
Bearing Gear Failure