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Laser Alignment

Most industries in the modern world recognize the need for accurate equipment alignment on all machinery both new and old and the process is generally included in regular maintenance work.

As a business strives to achieve “world class” operational efficiency; it is imperative that these machines operate continuously with minimum interruption. A machine breakdown causes devastating loss of production. A high number of the machinery issues identified using various methods of condition-based monitoring are generally caused by misalignment.

What is Shaft Misalignment?

Shaft misalignment accounts for a large number of expensive rotating machinery breakdowns. Accurately aligning shafts can prevent and reduce unplanned downtime that results in a loss of production. In today’s challenging environment of reducing costs and optimizing assets, the necessity of accurate shaft alignment is now greater than ever.

Machines need to be aligned in both horizontal and vertical plane. The misalignment can be due to parallel or angular misalignment and in fact is a combination of both.

Shaft alignment can be performed with different tools. The easiest way is to use a ruler or a straight edge over the two coupling halves or between two v-belt pulleys and align them by eyesight. As you can imagine this method of alignment is not very accurate and is dependent on the skill and expertise of the maintenance team.

A more traditional and accurate way of aligning two connecting shafts is to use mechanical dial test indicators (DTI’s). Generally, a skilled and experienced operator can obtain good and reliable measurements, but it takes time and patience.

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Laser Based Alignment

The best and most accurate way of aligning connecting shafts is to use laser-based alignment equipment. The range of equipment used by DMS enables us to laser align both shaft-to-shaft and v-belt pulley-to-pulley.

Our engineers have a vast amount of experience in alignment installations and have worked in all types of industry sectors supporting our clients to achieve optimum asset performance. The laser alignment equipment we use, delivers accurate and reliable results every time.

All our laser alignment equipment is serviced and calibrated on a regular basis ensuring that we maintain the highest level of accuracy when carrying out our inspections.



Laser Alignment
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