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Hydraulic System Inspections

In most modern-day industrial facilities, hydraulic systems play an important part in productivity and efficiency. Problems with an hydraulic system can occur anytime, therefore it’s important that equipment maintainers & operators are alerted to any potential problems. Although most operators are often discouraged from removing the breathing cap and dipstick from their equipment, they are still able to spot signs of external and internal leaking.

By immediately reporting any problems to maintenance, they can prevent permanent damage to the hydraulic system. Operators can also protect themselves, because hydraulic system failures often lead to on-the-job injuries and serious production breakdowns, costing the company significant lost production costs.

Hydraulic Service Packages

DMS can provide a complete service package for hydraulic systems, that includes:

  • Oil sampling
  • Breather inspections and changes
  • Tank inspections, both visually and using video boroscopes
  • Cleaning of the tank using lint free cloths
  • Accumulator inspections, replacement and testing
  • Hose supply and replacement

As with any industrial asset, there comes a time when it is not economical to repair and overhaul these assets. At this point DMS are able to supply an engineering design facility to specify and replace this system with a new modern-day system.

As part of this service, we can remove and install the new hydraulic system, ensuring the system is removed in line with your requirements.

Generally, the most important part of a critical hydraulic system, is the oil condition and cleanliness. Fluid cleanliness is of primary importance to hydraulic systems because the risks associated with contaminants can vary from parts malfunction, wear and tear in components, and longer response times of your system’s key parts.

DMS recognize the importance of fluid cleanliness and regularly assist clients by providing a mobile oil cleaning service. This service uses our own designed oil cleaning pump, which has 3 types of filters fitted, depending on what ISO cleanliness code the client requires, or what ISO cleanliness code we recommend.

As part of this service DMS take an oil sample prior to the cleaning process and again on completion to confirm the oil cleanliness.

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