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Vibration Analysis Program saves Process Plant at Major UK Quarry site

Disaster was averted last week at one of the UK’s largest Mineral Processing sites using state of the art Vibration Monitoring Technology. DMS Engineers visited the site to conduct scheduled fortnightly vibration monitoring.

Concerns for the Dust Suppression Fan application were quickly raised following extreme readings taken on the vibration sensor software. Dramatic spikes in both peak acceleration and velocity were seen on the support bearings.

Dust Suppression Fan Rebuild

Further investigation revealed that the bearings were seriously damaged and DMS were asked to undertake a complete fan strip down and rebuild. As part of this process, the DMS Engineers arranged to visit site the next morning for the plant to be stopped in a controlled manner. The assembly was then partly stripped down so that all the required bearings could be identified.

During this strip down process it was discovered that all v-belt pulleys, taper-lock bushes and seals also required immediate and urgent replacement as their extreme wear was contributing to the excessive vibration.

The unit was successfully reassembled and a list provided to Engineering parts supplier, Hayley Group, to source in preparation for the site work.

A planned visit was then scheduled and all the following items replaced:-

  • Motor pulley & taperlock bush
  • Fan pulley & taperlock bush
  • Complete set of v-belts
  • New pillow block ball bearings, v-ring and felt seals
Vibration Analysis Program

Reduced Vibration Readings

The DMS Engineers laser aligned all v-belt drives and tensioned with the v-belt gauge. The customer kindly provided some space in the local workshop to conduct this work using heat/torches in a controlled environment.

The following day DMS were back on site to re-monitor the fan in question. The vibration readings reduced dramatically and the delighted customer informed us that they have never heard this fan run so smoothly or quietly!

If this fan had been allowed to fail, the whole production plant would have ceased causing astronomical delivery issues to the end clients.

The work was undertaken in 10 hours on site with two men.

Call us for a Vibration Analysis program quotation on 0845 838 6710. A face to face visit to your chosen site can also be arranged to discuss requirements in more detail.